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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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when a man came home. he noticed a window had been shattered. he called 911. investigators got here and they looked inside the car and they saw the body of a man. he had been shot. >> we don't know. stephen: who and why should someone kill her son? >> grant was the kindest person in the world. stephen: police found his bullet riddled car. someone shot and killed 21-year-old grant dosunmu. >> a waste of light. only 213. >> investigators believe the killer opened fire inside the car. >> i text. i said around 10:00, they said it will be ice, rain. so please try to make it before 10:00. or stay where you are. >> his parents say grant dosunmu went to a friend's place to watch the football game.
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armed car went down a few blocks away. >> it's too much of a coincidence. in one day, two felonies? stephen: investigators are not saying whether they believe there is a connection between the two incidents. >> i pray they find a sick dog, a wild hyena. needs to be in the upal somewhere. not in society. >> his family says grant dosunmu was getting his life together planning to go back to college. at this hour the investigation and the search for a suspect or suspects continues. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. muriel bowser joined police officers late this afternoon after a man was shot outside of a school earlier in the day at harmony public charter school.
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someone in a lexus pulled up and fired seven shots and hit him twice. the man survived by running in the school but the shooter got away. larry: a frighting commute on metro after a new problem. cars on a 7000 series train coming apart traveling through rockville. you have some videos of what happened seconds later? >> yeah. one of the videos shows passengers lowering themselves from the malfunctioning train. this happened a 9:00 in the morning. the front two cars dislodge and they came to a rest 300 feet down the tracks. cell phone video shows the aftermath of decoupling
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when train cars disconnect. metro had to offload passengers from the 7000 series train. some walked as far as a fielding to the platform in rockville. so far, metro hasn't said what caused them to split or how fast it was moving at the time. it wouldn't tell us if it cut power to the dangerous third rail. >> people just want to get where they want to go safely. >> today we check archives and we found it happened before. in january a green line train disconnected near the navy ballpark station. the customers contend this is the latest black eye for the mass transit agency. >> a new train or an older train, stuff like that shouldn't be happening. metro needs to step up the game to make
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are operating properly. there are precious lives there. >> the female passenger said metro offered no refund for her rough morning commute. the 7000 series train car now being inspected at the shady grove rail yard. live, kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: you can get alerted to my problem wherever you are. text "metro" to 43817 and sign up for the abc7 text alerts. alison: we have got an brief reprieve from the bitter cold temperatures we had this weekend. but round two isn't that far away. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has what is coming up in the immediate future. doug: we are going to turn cooler and then thursday and friday the bottom fal
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powerful arctic cold front on the way. we are in good shape here with fairly light winds and comfortably cool temperatures. it turns colder tonight as the overnight readings in the evening drops to the 40's with the winds out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. as we go overnight it will turn colder waking up to 29 degrees in manassas. 28 in germantown. 31 in largo. it's 35 in the city. through the day tomorrow we have sunshine. that will disappear in place of cloudiness. we have a weather disturbance moving in from the west. but most of the models separate snow no the north and rain to the south. we will shetal down briefly wednesday until the powerful cold front arrives. the cold front you will feel it, hear it and you will know it's here. but enjoy your tuesday. 44 at recess time. then it will become mostly sunny in the afternoon. temperatures are 48 degrees.
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at forecast for the next ten days. larry: it's a shocking claim that rattled d.c. to the core. tonight there are demands from both sides of the aisle to investigate claims that russia interfered with the u.s. election. many on both sides agree it cannot become partisan. >> it defies belief that republicans in the senate are reluctant to review the russian tacticses or ignore them. the russians are not our friends. larry: that is a break from the president-elect position. trump repeatedly dismissed intelligence reports of russian involvement. a look at what we know so far and what is done about is it political correspondent scott thuman. just what is being done? scott: well, larry, you heard the statement from mitch mcconnell today. it's been echoed by multiple senators from both sides of the aisle, including members of congress saying we have to do something about this. what they are calling for are specific investigations in the role russian hackers play have played. does its go to the kremlin? is this
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levels if it was the russians. the central intelligence agency indicated they have confidence that is who is behind the hacks. the hacks were reported earlier on. people were discussing the potential for russian infiltrators to influence the election. that is not new. but what is new is the assertion by intelligence agencies that it has happened and they blame russia and they think they had malicious intent. now the question is how far do we go to follow up? larry: hillary clinton, who lost last month, anything from her or her camp weighing in on this? scott: we have. for those who are not able to remember exactly what took place, these were leaks. many of them through the d.n.c. through a hack that then were turn turned over to wikileaks. they were hardly complimentary of hillary clinton and the way she was proceeding behind closed doors. john podesta and other members of the campaign. they have spoken out. they are saying they are in
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they believe whatever information is found should be shared with the electoral college. the electoral college certifies the president. that has not happened yet. they vote a week from today. the clinton camp is saying the members who have been briefed on this should then brief members of the electoral college before they cast the official votes for their state. we don't know that it has an impact or that it would occur but that is what the clinton team is asking for. larry: live on capitol hill, thank you, scott. alison: we are still not certain what president obama will do after his presidency. but we may know where. he is agreed to lease office space in northwest. a obama spokesperson confirms
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office when they leave the white house but they would not say exactly where. larry: a change of the leadership underway at the united nations. the former portuguese prime minister gutierrez was sworn in as the secretary general. he was previously the commissioner of refugees at the u.n. he was elected in october and he will succeed ban ki-moon on january 1. alison: police arrested a man for a stabbing at a mosque in california. they believe it was a hate crime. 29-year-old john madison confronted workershippers leaving a -- worshipers leaving a mosque in simi valley. a fight broke out and madison stabbed a man. he has been charged with making threats and violating the civil rights code. they are looking for a second suspect who may have been involved this. a surging of hate crimes among muslims nationwide is prompting action from the u.s. attorney general. northern virginia bureau jeff goldberg was there as loretta lynch visited a loudoun county mosque in a call for
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jeff: she will tell you she comes with a lot of labels. >> i'm latina, american. >> born in maryland and raised in virginia says her hijab truly tells her story. >> i want to show people this is what america looks like. jeff: today at the adams center in sterling which calls itself the second largest mosque in america, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch -- >> when one of us is threatened, all of us are threatened. jeff: joining faith leaders from all religion standing understood and speaking out against hate crimes, hundreds of which are reported nationwide since election day. >> they target the fabric of our communities. they stain our dearest ideals. they stain our nation's very soul. jeff: according to the f.b.i., hate crimes in 23015 were up 6% for 2015 were up 6%
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but hate crimes against muslim americans increased 67%. highest increase since 9/11. >> as a southern baptist i want you muslims to know i love you, i scare about you. i support your right of religious freedom. >> i have fears walking down the street. >> she feels uncertain about the future but she has no intention of remaining silent. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: a soccer player that survived the plane crash in colombia wakes up. what he is saying and how much money the team was nearly fined for missing the championship game. alison: calls for change after the i-team learns how often weapons are brought into schools in one area district. a winter wonderland for some and ice for others.
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of the country. alison: what is next for the annapolis yacht club one year after it went up in flames? stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones.
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larry: efforts are underway but it's slow going. the club is trying to preserve as much as possible. they hope to begin in the new year and finish in 2018. alison: if you have any question wenter is here, listen to this. this morning people in 20 states woke up to scenes like this. snow blanketing everything as far as the eye can see. as elizabeth hur reports it was far from a winter wonderland. elizabeth: cars rolling off the road. blaming it on mother nature. in maine, a crash on a snowy roadway under investigation. a man was killed and a woman and three children hurt. in detroit, shovels, snow blowers and four-wheelers out
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and the streets for more than ten inches of snow. the condition so stretchous this delta flight tried to land and skidded off the runway this weekend. chicago also digging out from eight inches of snow. >> the snow is nice for about a month. after that, not so much. >> it's beautiful. i haven't seen it like this in december in a while. elizabeth: it's pretty to look at but a huge inconvenience for travelers causing thousands of flight delays. parts of new york also slammed with more than three feet of snow this weekend. in ohio up to 30 inches. look at this highway, you can't see anything. white-out conditions and icy roads wreaking havoc across the country all weekend. this week this is what millions have to lo
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plunging temperatures with the wind chills well below zero from minneapolis to chicago. and boston. elizabeth hur, abc7 news, new york. larry: i don't want that to come here, mr. hill. alison: it's tough to see that. doug: we could work on a contingency plan to stop it but it wouldn't work out. alison: what are we expecting? doug: four or five times this fall, the coldest air is coming. next one is colder. here i am again. the coldest air of the season is coming. wait until you see the numbers. the numbers speak for itself. give you a time lapse. some rain where it had been across much of the area. look now at 48 degrees. in ashburn like mostof the area the rain ended. skies bright and the sun came out. turnedturned into a pleasant da. temperatures in the 50's in most
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52. luray is 52. 45 in hagerstown. temperatures south and east are in the 40 as well. what will happen through the evening hours we will see the temperatures drop. it will get colder but not bitterly cold. overnight temperatures are likely to be somewhat warmer than what the highs will be around here by thursday and friday. 29 in manassas. patuxent river naval air station is 32 degrees. charlotte hall and leonard town. the western zones are normally colder this season. not so much. the same. 30 in washington. 29 in culpeper and warrenton. the temperatures will recover in the 40's tomorrow. wednesday fairly quiet day. the powerful cold front comes in wednesday night. after that, into thursday and friday is when the bitterly cold air arrives. the future cast painting mostly cloudy sky. the clouds will continue
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increase across the area as a weather disturbance passes by. for the day or so, the day and a half, the models have been separating the more significant precipitation in the form of snow well north and rain southeast. 8:30 tomorrow everything a couple of showers possible. flakes across allegany county. if you watch in cumberland and frostburg. that is about that. we get in the day on wednesday, we'll get sunshine. temperatures are in the 40's. late in the afternoon and the everything is when the cold front comes through and everything changes. you know, you can download the weather app, track the weather if your phone, check wind chills and cool stuff. find it at the app store or at google play. you can come to the website be up to date there as well. the next arctic outbreak is something to deal with it pours over head thursday and friday. thursday is most uncomfortable day because we have high winds. up to 45 miles per hour in spots. wind chills will be driven down in the single digits at
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but winds will diminish. last week when we had the chill, 41 on friday. 39 on saturday. we're forecasting later this week to hit 30 at most on thursday and only 27 on friday. a big change coming indeed. all right. see how we stack up for the next ten days for the chilly weather turning colder on thursday. gusty winds is the feature here. we will talk about the wind chills in the teens on the day and night. that is something to plan for. early saturday morning, it looks as though a storm system will approach and we could get a wintery mix. but it will likely turn to rain and mixed 50's for sunday. turning cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday. we are still thinking jumping ahead to next weekend, christmas eve and christmas day will probably be warmer than that. alison: do you remember gordon peterson every day are we going to have a white christmas? doug: i give the same answer. i'll let you know on december 26. that is my
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alison: thank you. larry: it defies belief. talk of a fine for a soccer team that had almost all the team died in a plane crash. what the survivor says after waking up from a coma. kidd: i'm kidd o'shea at the jingle ball. we have the biggest stars of all and the sneak peek before
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larry: a holiday tradition that has become the biggest show. alison: the jungle ball that is get -- jingle ball that is getting underway soon but not before the stars get there and they walk the red carpet. kidd o'shea is there. kidd: good evening. they haven't kicked me off the red carpet yet. we all work on a morning show. we think morning. >> i'm thinking evening. jingle ball. kidd: the cane show here. you have the festive sweaters on as well. >> i only have one thing in my stocking. kidd: a fire as well. >> he put his hands by my fire as if they will keep it warm. kidd: it is. i refuse to show off your sweater. it's too son. who is coming tonight? >> fifth harmony opens at
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7:30. be in you seat at 5:30. d.n.z, cara -- >> the wife of the three times now. niall from one direction. >> my god, niall! >> that is all we have to say. kidd: are you prepared for the screams when niall arrives? >> a little bit of this and this and then i'll duck and cover. >> the same thing he said. kidd: you hang out with the stars. they call in your show. what is it like to be at jinglal ball with them? >> it's like to see the other half. if we're dating seeing them at work. >> they see us, now we get to go ha, ha see what you do. way more talented than we are. >> exactly. kidd: if you are headed to the show turn on hot 99.5 on the way down and on the way home as well. interviews and stuff. you interview them in a little bit? >> exactly. fifth harmony will be here in a second. kidd: we'll talk to them on the red carpet. we
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morning washington." >> so cute. kidd: thank you. the biggest stars of the show right here. thank you. alison: so much love. still ahead here at 5:00 -- a community upset over what was supposed to be a mural to three historic figures. can you guess what they are? what the community says needs to happen now. larry: plus a shocking crash that killed all but three members of a soccer team. now even more shocking that team almost faced a fine for missing the game. they weren't the only ones. alison: first, though, demands for change after an i-team investigation. how often we found out students are trying to bring weapons to schools in one locate district.
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larry: we told you how larger districts have seen a spike with the weapons in schools doubling. we didn't have the numbers but now we do. chris papst has more on the exclusive investigation. chris? chris: during the initial investigation on he school weapons the only district t
5:30 pm
did not provide the numbers it was d.c. public schools. we kept after them. when we got the numbers d.c. has seen one of the largest increases. now a d.c. city council member calling for a regional summit to find out what is going on. december 1, 2015. a student at wilson high school in d.c. is arrested after bringing a gun to school. and posting a picture on snapchat. somehow he got the gun past the metal detectors. the gun at wilson was the only one confiscated by d.c. p.s. last year but when looking at the total weapons like knives, boxcutters, d.c.p.s. has seen 34% increase. d.c. confiscated by far the most of any local district. even though the neighboring prince george's and montgomery county have three to fo
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>> it is scary. as a parent it's scary. >> why there is an increase? what is being done about it? chris: dcps wouldn't go on camera to discuss the increase or what it's doing about it. instead we received a statement saying, "confiscating weapons at the schools shows we have the right protocol in place to ensure school buildings are safe from weapons. any weapon coming in a school is not acceptable." >> there is an increase throughout the region. it does speak to what is going on here with the young people. chris: d.c. city council woman anita bonds is on the education committee and told the i-team based off of our investigation that has shown a sharp increase regionally in the number of students taking weapons to school she is calling for a regional summit of local educators. to talk about why this is happening and stop it. >> let's call for that.
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happening in the district of columbia. larry: that is chris papst reporting. thank you for that. firefighters are trying to determine what caused a church to catch fire twice in one day. it was in nashville and it caught fire but it reignited in the erg. it was so dangerous the firefighters couldn't enter the building. no one was hurt. alison: memorial is growing next to the charred shell of an oakland, california, warehouse. police reopened the street in front of the building this morning as investigators with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearm and explosives completed their work at the scene. the investigation itself is far from over. authorities still don't know what sparked the fire that killed 36 people. larry: loved ones of thosed at the pulse nightclub came together to remember. six months ago today a gunman killed and injured more. only the survivors of the
5:33 pm
were allowed to attend the public vigil. a public service is scheduled for tonight. it was the worst mass shooting in history. alison: brazilian soccer club that lost most of the players in the plane crash will not be fined for missing the final game? the team and the competitor faced nearly $60,000 in fines for canceling the match. brazil superior court for sports justice decided not to levy the penalty. they were on the way to the championship in colombia when the crash happened and killed 71 of the 77 people on board. one of the players who survived a crash came out of a coma this weekend but had no memory of what happened. larry: wow! right call not to fine them. really? >> ridiculous. all right. larry: who is going to pay it? alison: exactly. coming up next at 5:00, a case of kitten cruelty. where a little cat was found, this little guy. the search for who tied it up. q: have you se
5:34 pm
he robbed a store in woodbridge next. larry: at 6:00, spreading holiday happiness to kids who need it most. redskins star brings cheer to the pediatric patients. the heartwarming visit coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". alison: here is what the good morning washington team is working on for tomorrow. >> tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> get a jump on winter with easy inexpensive ways to protect your family from the cold. to doors and windows to the perfect emergency kids. >> don't miss your last chance to call to win tickets for "rogue one: a star wars story." >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow at 4:25 a.m. on "good
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steve: so it's only monday but we are looking forward to the upcoming weekend. by the weekend the super cold air set to arrive on thursday and friday will start to moderate. saturday we could look at a little bit of a wintery mix. not looking at major accumulation. lower 40's. temperatures will rise to the afternoon and the everything hours. highs on sunday likely to be in the middle to upper 50's with the areas of rain. not a washout but not picture perfect. it's still ideal shopping conditions for the holidays. backtrack a little bit. 43 tomorrow and 43 on wednesday. thursday is a high of 30 degrees. the wind gusts upward of 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind chill factors in the single digits. the teens. only around 127 -- 23 --
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have five fugetives on the wall. one is new. he robbed a 7-eleven in november. delonte carl hill was one of two masked men who pulled out guns in a robbery in woodbridge. he is wanted for using the firearm in the use of a
5:39 pm
felony. prince william county police are searching for perez for aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties. they are looking for daus brothers for burglary one. let's put the wall of justice in motion. the spotlight is on daniel dawes. last week we featured domo dawes. he had he in the burglary. >> the second suspect is a with a group of the individuals who forced residents in the district. daniel dawes preceded to take the value inside the residents that included equipment and cash. q: daniel dawes is 278, -- 238 -- is 28 years old and is wanted for burglary one. if you have information on daniel
5:40 pm
police department. alison: there is outrage tonight after act of unspeakable animal cruelty. animal control released these pictures of what they found in a laundry room of an apartment building on spring hill lane. someone tied up a kitten using a plugged in electrical chord. the kitten had been there for some time but was alive. police and the animal control says they will press animal cruelty charges against whoever is responsible. larry: i hope they do. ahead here -- >> i love you, daddy. i love you when you are away from me. larry: a boy reads a letter to santa. what comes after will melt your heart. >> a new mural is the talk of congress heights with a lot of people asking who are those people? i'm sam ford. that is next on abc7 news.
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>> greeting from japan. i'm staff sergeant tiffany smith and i'm from virginia. i'd like to send a special holiday message to my kids ashley and john in northern virginia and my parents linda and joe. merry christmas.
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larry: okay. do you know who these three people are? a lot of trouble having trouble figuring it out. alison: d.c. bureau chief sam ford are reports on what they call the mural flap in congress heights and he will tell you what is next for piece of art. sam: it's the 3m mural, martin, marion barry. >> that is not martin luther king. >> bill cosby, fred g. sanford. [laughter] sam: they can't figure out who they are. they financed it at $1,500. an artist who took the contract said he spent most of it on l
5:45 pm
>> the equipment would not elevate to the highest height because of how unlevel the parking lot was. sam: for the mural -- >> it doesn't look like them. >> it's not finished. >> it's a disgrace to congress heights and disgrace to the legacy of those three men. sam: people at the bus stop seem to have question who the figures were, they all seemed to like the artwork. the artist says he will paint over those on the wall with canvas and paste over them. yet some are saying paint over the wall with yellow paint and make the mural disappear. in southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: if you add lamont and grady -- alison: i felt bad for the artist. give him another try. larry: everybody is a critic.
5:46 pm
we love it. a call for he in st. mary's county finding a retired police k9 that got away. cooper retired after nine years as a bloodhound for the sheriff's office. alison: he escaped from the new family's home in the laurel ridge development. he has been spotted a few times since but runs when someone yells his name. if you see cooper, let the st. mary's county sheriff's office know. get a check on the roadways. jamie sullivan is here on traffic watch for us. jamie: we are keeping a close eye on a closure. fatal accident involving a tractor trailer on route 7 westbound. before yellow schoolhouse road. you can see on the eastbound hear is a solid red line of bumper-to-bumper traffic. we are seeing the volume east. and the westbound vetch you cannot go through past yellow schoolhouse road. as far as outside a live look
5:47 pm
inner and the outer loop. we have congestion. there are no crashes to report on the interstate. further north near river road as you get in montgomery county. volume we have. the big picture look, prince george's county is not too bad at all. virginia beltway heavy on the outer loop to alexandria and approaching tysons. no big issues on 395 except for the delay. 295 may head south to m.g.m. 24 minutes is what it will take you starting out near the 11th street bridge. that is a look at traffic. back to you. larry: jamie, thanks so much. new at 6:00, a woman busted with a loaded gun at dulles airport. plus a new law to protect tenants in the wake of the deadly apartment explosion in silver spring and how it's looking to keep people safe. the latest on the russian election hacking allegations coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". alison: christmas came early for a boy in ohio. after he read
5:48 pm
letter to santa. >> i love you, daddy. i love you when you're aware from me. i love when you are near me. i love you when you are deploy and i miss you so bad. alison: the 7-year-old boy has not seen his father in nine months. that is when james, his mother, brother and sister were all evacuated from turkey. his dad a staff sergeant in the air force stayed behind until james read the letter to santa. >> i think santa got your letter. >> oh, my gosh. [applause] >> i am cried. words can't describe how much i love him. >> i started to like cry when i saw him. alison: oh, isn't that wonderful? james' mom said she spent weeks coordinating things with the school but she wasn't sure that the surprise would actually happ
5:49 pm
that morning. never forget that. as long as he lives, he will never forget seeing his dad there. larry: i'll never forget it. i wasn't even there. my goodness. alison: i know. it is just -- these families go through so much. larry: we are so thankful for each and every one of them. the stories never get old. never. alison: i know. well, let's move on and talk about the weather. it will tough to top that. doug: no way to top it. but start with something different. several times a year we get annual meteor showers where we look in the sky overnight. another one in tomorrow morning and wednesday morning. wednesday morning is cloudy. if you're in to meteor showers tomorrow at 1:00, 20:00, best time to see them. the super moon overhead, bright moonlight away from the city lights you might see a few. if you are not into it they will be back next year and the year after that and the year after that. 46 in
5:50 pm
52 at andrews. the forecast is not as cold as recent everything. the temperatures will drop. mid-40's tonight. mainly clear skies. overnight the temperatures dropping to 28 to 36 degrees. high cloudiness in the morning and then it will increase for the rest of the day tomorrow. 44. wednesday is 43. then the arctic front arrives and 30 is only best for the high. thursday is windy and colder. colder on friday with lighter winds. the temperatures warming up to 43 on saturday. 56 on sunday. then next week the temperatures turn colder. wednesday and thursday with highs of 43. the longer range computer models will warm up. maybe 50 degrees for christmas eve and christmas day. back to
5:51 pm
what is going on today? robert: redskins needed people to lose yesterday. that didn't happen. so here we are. the instapoll question. with three games to go do you think the redskins will make the playoffs? they are half a game back in the last wild card spot. erin hawksworth has the latest from redskins park. erin: the biggest news from redskins park has to do with injuries. will compton has a p.c.l. strain and cravens as an elbow strain. all the players seem banged up at this point in the season so they could use the extra rest as they prepare if a playoff push. coach gruden: we understand we are right in the mix. we know that. but one slipup and you will be a game and a half back. up to us to take care of what we can take care of. carolina now. we will let the chips fall where they may. erin: gruden added the major goals are to prepare an
5:52 pm
they welcome cam newton and the carolina panthers to fedex field a week from today. we have it on abc7. so join us for countdown to kickoff at 7:30. at redskins park. erin hawksworth, abc7 news. robert: thank you. we have a cuteness alert. we stopped by the caps practice and look what we found? caps captain brought his son to work. he is a better ice skater than i will ever be. he is unstoppable now. i can't wait to see him when he is a big hockey player. alison: what a cutie. larry: he can stay upright which i can't. robert: he's already better than me. don't give me a stick on the ice. it would end badly. alison: what a fun thing to do
5:53 pm
to the office. robert: that's what i was doing. larry: sat there with the paperclips. robert: paper balls. i still do it today. alison: see you in a little bit. coming up next, porch pirates strike again. this time in takoma park. how to make sure y
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larry: you may think it's cold here but compared to vermont, it's vacation weather. look at the video taken by a professor. this was his snowy bicycle commute to work this morning. he road over an entreated bridge while snow was falling and tweeted that the weather is finally getting good for the bike commute. alison: a different perspective than we may have. the grinch stole christmas packages from a home in takoma park. a camera caught the ups driver placing them on the porch but
5:57 pm
they weren't there. cheryl conner has more from the victim and what delivery drivers are facing. cheryl: a new sign hangs from alison's mailbox. "smile, you are on camera." she hopes next time someone will think of stealing packages from the front porch and they will sneak twice. >> i was disappointed but not surprised. cheryl: her security system attached to the takoma park home caught the ups driver dropping off an order from amazon and r.e.i. last tuesday. >> i thought, well, i'm home in 45 minutes, i'll get the packages when i get home. cheryl: both packages put in between her main door and the storm door were gone. alison thinks her camera malfunctioned once the dropoff was made because it did not catch a thief going to the door. the police verified a report was filed and we spotted the same u.p.s. driver leaving a replacement package.
5:58 pm
followed. chevy frederick says she has to sign a form certifying she did not receive the first delivery. hanson says he is on the lockout for thieves -- look out for thieves. >> anywhere we go, we make sure we look at the surroundings first and then we deliver. cheryl: ups says you can tell a driver where to leave a package or have it shipped to u.p.s. access point so it's left with people. she is thinking about changes. >> maybe leave a note for driver to leave it around the side of the house. cheryl: in takoma park, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: the "7 on your side" team is working hard to fight back against the grinches trying to steal christmas. see video of thieves in action and find ways to protect your gifts online at all you have to do is search "porch pirates." that is it for us at 5:00. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the white house thinks donald
5:59 pm
trump benefited from russian hacking. the controversy unfolding now. plus -- >> months after a deadly silver spring apartment explosion, a new law aimed at protecting tenants in montgomery county. that story is coming up. alison: and why was melania trump in a courtroom today? "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: first at 6:00 it's suddenly a top priority in washington. determining whether russian hackers you can sesfully influenced the -- successfully influenced the political election. maureen: we have more. scott thuman? scott: we have heard the accusations for a couple of months. they intensified with the c.i.a. assertion they believe something has gone awry at the hands of the russians. tonight loud call for investigation on c
6:00 pm
into whether or not russians were able or at least were trying to sway the election. >> russia under a congressial microscope as leaders in washington wonder how much that nation may have influenced if at all u.s. elections. trump at one point in the campaign prodded the kremlin to get involved -- >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. scott: he called any assertion that russians helped him ridiculous. but there is widespread concern. how level -- how high should the level of concern be? >> very high. they hacked in the d.n.c. and transferred documents to wikileaks. but the fact that there is more to it. scott: every lynn of the atlantic -- evelyn of the atlantic council is former secretary of


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